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Okay so 1018 people voted. 4.28/5.00.......... 5-4.28=0.72
14.4% of 1018.....
146.59200 people don't comment on YouTube!!!!!!!1!!!!! XD

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What I was thinking at first was.. "gay and short"

..but seeing as this is your first flash, you're pretty good. Just fix animation smoothness. Make the movie longer. Work with simpler stuff. Fix that microphone.


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Homocidicle responds:


Good Old Egoraptor...

Wow. You've done it again.

Keep up the good work. There are no words to describe the ingenuity displayed in your ambitious work. :)

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Nice Concept, Almost Nicely Carried Out

Nice concept indeed. I liked the retro feel to it, first of all. The sounds fit the "retroness" of it. The title page was good and simple. The game itself could use some work.

First of all, it would be better if the color changes were more in sync with the music. Also, rather than the arrow keys, with a game like this, it's better to use something in a line. Look at your keyboard. What about an asdf? Or even better.. dfjk? It just feels better, and there is no lag when switching. Speaking of lag...

When I switch from one color to another, I lose a little health in the process. There should be a half second amnesty from health loss to allow me time to switch from one color to another.

I wish there were more sounds, with each key press as well as throughout the game. Maybe a guy who goes "Nice!" or "Great job!" like in music themed games? How about lights and more color?

To keep someone playing a game, try adding checkpoints, more songs, or a boss at the end. Anything to keep the player... playing.

Anyway, that's my constructive criticism. I hope you use some of it. Overall, nice game, don't stop creating. (There was this one guy on Newgrounds who took criticism negatively and wrote a long, pathetic retirement letter and left Flash for good. Don't end up like him.)

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Willseph responds:

Well I never specifically said it but I would like to point out that this is not a rhythm game. It's all just reaction time with some background music. I mentioned to someone before that there's a certain skill in being able to switch as quickly as possible without losing any health, so think of it more as another challenge rather than a glitch.

Two years...

and you're still replying to people comments. REPLY TO MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!1111123

Nice game, surprised it got a 4.30, but it was short and sweet. Nice job!

Kwing responds:

Thanks for the 9! I'm surprised you liked it! I still reply to reviews because I upvote my latest 4 submissions and my highest scored 3 submissions. Douchy I know.

It also got such a high score due to upvoting, and also due to it being submitted on Clock Day.

On a last note, this is a REVIEW space, not a comment space. That's why you have to give a score, and that's why you can only post one.

I've Seen this everywhere

This is not original work, unless this guy, the "real?" author, is submitting it reallllllly late, which I doubt.

Newgrounds, please look into this.

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I love the upbeat rhythm to the song. The added "angels" make it sound better!

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I going to make a sweet flash with this!

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Alright, I have a game that will be finished in 3-5 weeks! Stay tuned! ~fyaishar •_•

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